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All-in-One Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System


Why Deskera ERP?

ERP software- document Fully Integrated

Provides a real-time holistic view of your business.

erp software- compliance Fully Compliant
Stay up-to-date with your compliance obligations.
erp software- graph doc Quick to Deploy
Enables phased implementations according to your company’s need.

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How It Works?

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Seamlessly Manage Your Accounts

Deskera’s ERP links everything up - whether it’s payroll costs, travel expenses or even WIP Inventory - Deskera’s ERP will keep track of the numbers and transfer them into the accounts, automatically. 

Stay Compliant

Staying up to speed with regulations has always been difficult for businesses. Deskera’s ERP takes the hassle out of compliance by automatically updating your system whenever the regulations change. Our Accounting Module is approved by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and helps ensure that your submissions and e-filings meet all compliance requirements.

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Manage the Customer Journey

Deskera’s revolutionary, integrated approach to ERP means everything’s connected - reducing workload and preventing double entry of data. Deskera’s ERP software integrates your sales, finance and fulfilment to improve quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors and strengthen the revenue recognition process. From managing prospects and leads to arranging deliveries and managing payment terms, Deskera’s ERP lets you manage the whole operation - with everything available in one place.

Nail Your Finance Reporting

Good data lets you make good decisions - boost profitability with a real-time view of your company’s financials with Deskera’s ERP system. Go beyond spreadsheet reports and avoid error-prone data entry by using Deskera’s integrated system to give you the perspectives and insights you need to run your business.

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