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Whether you’re the user of an existing ERP System, or a new user researching to look for a resource management system, we list 7 highly recommended ERP solutions so that you can find the one that best suits your corporate needs.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates your company’s internal database to manage your business efficiently and accurately. The capabilities of an ERP system is far beyond those of a basic accounting software or account management system because it considers multiple types of resources; both tangible and intangible assets, human resources, and financial resources. It works as a central platform that manages all your core business processes.

We examine some of the leading ERP solutions in the market to help you identify which is best suited for your company’s needs.


1. Deskera

From invoices to purchase orders to inventory and receipts, Deskera ERP automates the entire process. Trusted by 100,000+ users worldwide, it gives companies a competitive edge over others. Founded in 2008, it is reputed as the most preferred GST-ready Cloud ERP software for SMEs.

✔   Fully-integrated

Get a real-time view of your business with Deskera’s ERP system.

✔   Quick to deploy

Deskera has faster and cheaper implementation cycles.

✔   Good support system

Deskera helps configure the system to fit every client’s unique business needs.  

✔   Free Trial/Demo before purchase  

Unlike other ERP competitors Deskera allows companies to sign up for a free demo before paying for the quote-based ERP product, this reduces the risk for SMEs who are unsure of which ERP system suits their needs.

✔   Cloud-based

Deskera’s ERP is cloud- based, so you can access it on any device, any time, and get real-time updates

✔   Retail ERP module

Various components for retail industries, such as retail planning, store operations, inventory management, supply chain management, demand forecasting, vendor management, customer management etc. 

You can sign up for a FREE demo here to better understand how Deskera’s ERP software can be suited to your business and manage your processes.

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2. Netsuite ERP 

Netsuite is one of the pioneering Cloud Computing companies that revolutionized business operations. Netsuite caters to both mid-size and large corporations alike. Their ERP system is used by thousands for accounting purposes. It works seamlessly with their partner software such as order management, CRM, and inventory management.

✔   Visibility of supply chain and inventory

Real-time visibility allows businesses to easily access information with ease.

✔   Customization

Allows you to create a Netsuite solution easily to target all your company’s specific needs.

✔   Reliable

Netsuite keeps their downtime for upgrades minimal and make sure to inform customers through High uptime makes them ideal for consumers due to its’ reliability.

✔   Pricing

Netsuite is comparatively more expensive than others by a significant margin.


3. Oracle and SAP

Comparing between the “Clash of the Titans” for Tier 1 ERP systems, Oracle ERP and SAP ERP systems are big players who serve Fortune 1000 companies. Their focus is on large and complex businesses.


From the company that acquired Netsuite, Oracle has created their own ERP cloud solution to help clients make better decisions and improve their operations. Oracle offers multiple ERP modules to meet different needs.

✔   Financial focus

Most features are accounting based financial solutions that help to streamline and consolidate reports across departments.

  Cost of ownership is lower than SAP

✔   Focus on how financial data moves internally within an enterprise company.

✔   Object relational database management (ORD) that suits data management.

✔   AI focus on accounts payable products, thus it assists with intelligent automatic payments based on past payments.

✔   Implementation (Faster than SAP)

According to reports, Oracle takes 12 months to implement.

  Operational Disruption

According to 2018 Panorama Consulting Solutions Report on the Clash of the Titans, Oracle takes 121.7 days for operation disruption.


Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing; SAP is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer after Oracle and Microsoft, SAP is a German MNC used globally by multiple countries around the world.

  Focuses on enterprise multinational companies by assimilating areas such as sales, marketing, inventory, into a single interface.

✔   Enables real time tracking and management for finance, HR, procurement, sales, and other ERP essentials.

✔   Smooth integration across different modules of SAP which allows for smoother decision-making processes.

✔   Implementation (Slower than Oracle)

According to 2018’s Clash of the Titan report, SAP takes 14.7 months to implement.

✔   Operational Disruption

2018 Panorama Consulting Solutions Clash of the Titans Report shows SAP takes 128.5 days for operation disruption.


4. Sage One / Sage Business

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise is a cloud solution catered for accounting and financial firms. It automates common financial tasks that improves efficiency and productivity of CFOs, controllers, accountants etc.

✔   Recognised as top provider of financial-related applications for Certified Public Accountants.

✔   Allows you to define transaction definitions.

✔   Product-driven expenditure

✔  Automated data collection (ADC) with handhelds (available to customers who opt for private cloud deployment, either on-premises or partner-hosted).

 Pricing: Sage Business charges different pricing system based on on-premise or cloud-based solution, pricing is done by quote and no free trial is given.


5. Tigernix

For the environmentally conscious solutions, Tigernix channels sustainability ERP software solutions with their “We Are Green” initiative to create awareness of their sensitivity to the environment through resource preservation and conservation.

✔   Environmental Practices

Tigernix consider environmental policies in every step of their business processes, working towards identifying new environmental initiatives.

✔   Eco-Technology

Tigernix uses environmentally-friendly, high-performing, yet low-voltage technology.

✔   Inventory Management

  A web-based inventory management system allows your organisation to maintain live inventory tracking, analytics on stock level, which allows for effective warehouse management.


6. Cosmo Synergy Syspro

Syspro specialises in manufacturing and distribution industry. They target mid-market segments and their ERP product is configured around simplicity and innovation. It is one of Malaysia’s most used ERP solutions.

✔   Well-suited for distribution and manufacturing companies

  Comprehensive and user-friendly

  Uses a familiar ribbon toolbar which looks like a Windows Explorer vertical pane on the left side of the screen.

✔   Gantt Chart for critical path planning

Having a Gantt chart in your ERP system allows users to see and understand a task or project overview quickly and efficiently.

✔   Available on cloud and on-premises

Select which platform you prefer, cloud or on-premise. On-premise often allows more customisation but longer implementation time, while cloud has greater stability with frequent updates from vendors.

✔   Pricing:

Syspro starts at a base price per user, with each additional modules having additional costs.


7. Unit4 ERP   

Another company in the ERP market would be Unit4, a people-centric ERP software solution that has low total cost of ownership (TCO).  

✔   Clean user interface with a variety of modules that offers comprehensive reports  

✔   Mobile-first approach

✔   Meant for all business sizes, especially non-profit and professional services  

✔   Multi-currency environment

Record transactions in any currency which includes noting down accounting records in three different currencies, varied by client. 

We hope that our listing of the Top ERP Softwares in Singapore and Malaysia will help you find the best solution that suits your business’ needs and processes. Alternatively, contact us here to find out if Deskera’s ERP system is suitable for your business and if it can be customized to your business’ needs.

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