5 Tips To Hire Millennials

Posted by Jaylyn Lim Jia Hui on Mar 29, 2019 12:23:01 PM

 5 tips for hiring and retaining millennials from hire to retire with hrms system for sme owners

Afraid of hiring millennials? Well … as they age themselves into the bulk of the working population, working with millennials becomes inevitable. 

If you are an SME owner struggling to hire and retain millennials, the infamous job-hopping generation of employees, find out what millennials want. Coming to you from a millennial herself, here's what you might not be doing for your millennials to retain them:

poor job posting and interviews make millennials quit the company quickly1) Post the Right Jobs & Job Descriptions.

Managing millennials begins from accurate job descriptions. Managing expectations could begin from accurate job descriptions to being transparent about the work culture. Having a detailed job description sends off a positive impression to potential employees and helps manage their expectations.

A common complaint is a lack of engagement millennials in the workplace have. This can be solved with the right cultural assimilation strategy. Communicating with millennials in the workplace benefits the workplace, be honest and frank about your company’s culture to ensure you get the people you want working for you. 

Deskera’s HR software lets you to do job postings easily and conveniently through our recruitment module, easing your job posting process and making it one step easier to hire millennials.



2) Develop your Workforce with Tactful Praises and Feedback.meme about tactful praises and feedback for millennials when hiring them

Are millennials overly entitled and narcissistic? Whether we admit it openly or attempt to keep it hidden, what millennials want, or what everyone wants, is to hear praises. In contrast, nobody wants negative feedbacks. Achieve the right balance with a cloud-based HRMS system by keeping your praises open and feedbacks private, all on a secure database with access granted to the rightful owners.

A HRMS system manages employees in many ways, employee appraisal being just one of the many. Feed the praise demanding and feedback shy millennials with apt employee appraisals to retain them. 



3) Manage your workforce with a Balanced Worklife millennials want to achieve a zen life and aim for a work life balance

When managing millennials, it is important to understand that millennials are all about achieving the right balance. It is the reason why yoga is trending, and why millennials are all about gym memberships instead of country club memberships. 

Balance is necessary unless you want a millennial-free work environment. Giving your employees the chance to balance between criticism and praise, expectations and reality, work and external social or familial commitments is crucial.

With a cloud-based human resource management system, you can give millennials the autonomy to apply for their own leaves through Deskera’s eLeave module. Increase their job satisfaction when they no longer have to wait for rounds and rounds of approval and documentation to organise their schedules. 




4) Automate and Utilise Technological Advancements 

millennials want automation and technological advancements in the workplace to get things done fasterSpeaking of autonomy and self-service modules, millennials are used to instant gratification. Things need to be done fast, with less red tape, and more productivity. Bringing efficiency to your workplace not only motivates your millennials, but aids in your organisation’s growth as well.

What millennials want, is efficiency. 
Implement an automated and technological software which helps to achieve efficiency in your workplace through HR solutions. A digital solution can configure, create, generate your payroll reports and allow your employees to view them at their convenience. Especially for millennials who were raised in an age of technology, being a tech-driven firm helps attracting and retaining employees.



5) Reward them with Benefits.give millennials a higher salary to keep them from quitting

Money makes the world go round. With inflation on the rise, millennials feel the need for a higher disposable income to fund their travels, to mimic social influencers, or relax in carpool rides. Give them benefits they care about, such as occasional company retreats or vouchers for their favorite gadgets. Millennials are more motivated with monetary benefit and meaningful work. Fund their need for spiritual fulfilment with meaningful and impactful CSR efforts. Automate your company’s HR processes by digitalising and implementing our HRMS software. Multimanage activities such as company retreats and CSR events all on one platform. As an employee and SME owner, motivate your millennials with opportunities. 

 We hope our 5 tips will help retain and nurture the millennials in your workplace. Changing the job-hopping culture begins with a flexible and seamless system like Deskera’s HRMS, helping you manage your workforce and most important resource in the organisation.



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