Painless eLeave Management this March Holidays

Posted by Jaylyn Lim Jia Hui on Mar 18, 2019 2:02:38 PM


Imagine coming to work one day, only to find your entire office empty – that might not be the best way to start a tiresome workday. You think you could turn to your HR for accountability on this situation, only to realize that the entire HR office is on a team retreat you have forgotten about. Without a systematic HR system set in place, you are unable to efficiently utilise your resources and staffing.

This is where Deskera comes in to save your day from partially empty offices and endless manual leave application paperwork, teaching you to optimise your resources this March holiday.

What if everything went wrong

As a business owner it must feel challenging keeping up with the leave status of your staff, especially with the HR shrouded with paperwork. Along with the traditional form filling process of applying for leave, there is an endless list of issues that could go wrong – You could misplace the paperwork, disrupting the approval process, fail to record updated leave schedules, miscount the days of leaves left for each employee, and so much more.

Tensions build up in the workplace, with employees relentlessly nagging at the HR staff to check on their leave applications, and the HR feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the inefficient non-automated systems. The process of applying for leaves manually take a long time to approve, leaving employees with no choice but to book last minute flights and hotel stays for their vacations. This will eventually lead to a buildup of resentment and unhappiness towards the organization.

We save the day! 

Avoid potential employee resentment with Deskera’s HRMS eLeave module! It allows employers to manage, access, and approve of their employees' leave applications all on a single platform, anywhere, anytime. Using a cloud database means that employees and employers can get real-time notifications, manage leave requests, track proof of leave documents, and plan your resources in advance. This directly increases the efficiency of your organization and reduces wastage of resources.

By allowing your employees to apply for leaves directly through our eLeave system, it empowers them with more flexibility. Giving them access to their colleague's schedules allows them to plan ahead of time if they wish to switch between shifts and leave appointments. Over time, the transparent and efficient approval process would lead to greater morale and productivity. With our HRMS fully compliant with IRAS and CPF, your staff can keep up with regulation updates and file tax returns conveniently. This will ease the workload of your HR staff further. 

All eyes on the lazy

SME owners rejoice! You can now conveniently check up on wayang staff who always chaokeng and casually take MCs to shrink away from work responsibilities, leaving you with the strongest and most efficient workforce that only serves to build your company’s productivity and morale. With a higher quality workforce, you not only get cost reduction and resource utilization, you also get to reward yourself and your employees with a healthier work-life balance.

Utilise everyday including your off days! Deskera solutions help you achieve a higher level of work satisfaction and efficiency, all in a matter of hours.

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Written by Jaylyn Lim Jia Hui

As a content writer, Jaylyn has published her writing in a variety of industry genre such as IT, K-Wave, Travel. She brings in her experimental and versatile writing style to Deskera's Blog.


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