On-premise vs. cloud ERPs, why cloud triumphs

Posted by Sample User on Jun 12, 2019 4:08:54 PM

Optimise-business-on-the-cloud. Deskera-ERP. ERP-system.

Ever wondered what the hype around cloud ERP systems was about, but never quite understood it? We break down exactly why cloud ERP software is preferred by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and how they’ve benefitted from them. 

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The age of digital HR

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on May 31, 2019 1:01:17 PM

improve your HR productivity. improve work efficiency

What is human resource management?

Think human resource management is just about hiring and firing? Think again. Beyond staff management, HR managers work to better employee relations and build employee welfare. In addition to being good with people and payroll, they also provide the knowledge, necessary tools, legal advice and strategy for the organization’s culture and development.1 This means workplace processes that facilitate interaction with customers and potential employee relations also fall within their purview. Yes, human resource management is no easy feat. 

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Digitally transform your business and streamline operations to improve productivity

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on May 29, 2019 5:36:56 PM

Digital Transformation in Asia Blog_1200x628px_2

Digitalization has triggered great changes in all aspects of the global economy and revolutionized the playing field of businesses and enterprises. Technology has empowered businesses of all sizes to pursue new opportunities they could not before. Current worldwide movements show that it will be a vital factor for competitive growth, in particular, and non-surprisingly for small-medium enterprises (SMEs). 

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5 Tips To Hire Millennials

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Mar 29, 2019 12:23:01 PM

 5 tips for hiring and retaining millennials from hire to retire with hrms system for sme owners

Afraid of hiring millennials? Well … as they age themselves into the bulk of the working population, working with millennials becomes inevitable. 

If you are an SME owner struggling to hire and retain millennials, the infamous job-hopping generation of employees, find out what millennials want. Coming to you from a millennial herself, here's what you might not be doing for your millennials to retain them:

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Painless eLeave Management this March Holidays

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Mar 18, 2019 2:02:38 PM


Imagine coming to work one day, only to find your entire office empty – that might not be the best way to start a tiresome workday. You think you could turn to your HR for accountability on this situation, only to realize that the entire HR office is on a team retreat you have forgotten about. Without a systematic HR system set in place, you are unable to efficiently utilise your resources and staffing.

This is where Deskera comes in to save your day from partially empty offices and endless manual leave application paperwork, teaching you to optimise your resources this March holiday.

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Deskera: the PSG Pre-approved Digital Solution

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Mar 14, 2019 6:05:09 PM

Deskera-PSG-approved-cloud solutions 

With the recent updates to the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), companies keen on adopting IT solutions and equipment to enhance business processes can obtain up to 70% off (as of 8th April 2019) with support from the grant. PSG serves as an avenue for companies to make long-term technology investments.

Deskera offers the most preferred cloud solution for SMEs in Singapore. With more than 20,000 businesses and 100,000 users, they are helping companies go digital with the commitment to enhance the productivity and growth of organisations.

A cloud-based business suite that is quick to deploy, and can be accessed anywhere, any place and any time. With easy GST filing process and statutory compliance, it gives businesses a solution for managing accounts, customer relations, inventory, and sales system.

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A woman's kingdom

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Mar 8, 2019 5:52:43 PM

International Womens' Day Banner_Facebook 1200x628px (3)

The women in business who have it all, close familial ties, active social circle, eyes that have seen the world through her frequent travels, all the latest technologies, and a successful career.

What’s their life story?

Let’s put a spotlight on the office ladies who thrive in the workplace everyday, this International Women’s Day.

The first breath of fresh air away from college. A million thoughts run through you as you pick the place of employment you choose to apply for. At this stage of your life, you are identifying what it takes to be the successful career woman.

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Top ERP systems in Singapore and Malaysia

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Feb 25, 2019 10:37:59 AM


Whether you’re the user of an existing ERP System, or a new user researching to look for a resource management system, we list 7 highly recommended ERP solutions so that you can find the one that best suits your corporate needs.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates your company’s internal database to manage your business efficiently and accurately. The capabilities of an ERP system is far beyond those of a basic accounting software or account management system because it considers multiple types of resources; both tangible and intangible assets, human resources, and financial resources. It works as a central platform that manages all your core business processes.

We examine some of the leading ERP solutions in the market to help you identify which is best suited for your company’s needs.


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Ultimate Guide To Tax Filing In Malaysia

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Feb 13, 2019 1:21:51 PM



SMEs account for 98.5% of business in Malaysia. In order to encourage the growth of SMEs in Malaysia, the Y2019 Budget proposed reducing tax rate for chargeable income up to RM 500,000 from 18% to 17%.

Tax season is coming... Are you unsure about whether or not you will need to pay taxes and how to? Our step-by-step guide will inform you of the hows and whens of filing taxes in Malaysia.  

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Ultimate Guide To Tax Filing In Singapore

Posted by Jaylyn Lim on Feb 13, 2019 12:58:56 PM


With 46% of our economy fueled by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Singapore has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. There is a supportive environment for the growth of SMEs. Taxes are regulated by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for individuals and corporations. Regardless of amount earned, individuals are required to file for tax return in Singapore if they receive a letter, form or SMS from IRAS telling them to do so. 

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